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Estifanos is currently involved in various projects in the fashion & lifestyle industry.

African Fashion Women in Fashion Business of Fashion

The Global African Fashion Incubator

The Global African Fashion Incubator is aimed at linking African Fashion with Education & Business to create a commercially viable and sustainable industry for designers and related industries.  The Incubator represents   3 rings that are bound together, symbolizing a “marriage”, “link”  and “trinity” between Fashion, Education and Business. We believe that Tertiary Education does not do much for designers expect give them skills, but it doesn’t help them start a tangible business in order to make a living. Many designers are struggling to make ends meet because they don’t have the funds and the networks that allow them to set up shop. The Developmental Framework is a complete outline of how the Incubator is going to operate, with an in-built operational and business development structure. The African Fashion Incubator is focused on developing the industry in all areas of Africa, especially ones that are poverty stricken, where young people have been more disadvantaged to their urban peers, and in areas that have historically been war afflicted. We believe these are the areas that have set back many young Africans, creating a system of dependence on aid as opposed to helping them through the transition through giving them adequate skills.©

The Fashion Model Life

​​ The Fashion Model Life is an in-depth course covering the ins-and outs of the fashion and model industries using practical skills of making it, including business and life skills as well as health basics. The course allows models and fashion coordinators to understand all the fundamentals of the industry holistically so as to open them up to the career opportunities that exist for them internationally.©



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